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 GRADE 5 Model Answer Chapter 3

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PostSubject: GRADE 5 Model Answer Chapter 3   Tue Feb 02, 2010 2:15 pm




1-complete the following:

1. Blood

2. Platelets

3. Tiny tubes

4. Vibrations

5. Dirt ,germs

6. Embolismor sickle cell anemia or leukemia.

7. Epiglottis.

8. Wastes, urine

9. Sharp

10. Break down, very small

11. Large intestine,vitamens

12. White

13. Heart

14. Atrium, ventricle

15. Bronchioles are small branches in the lung. )this is the correct sentence(

16. Small intestine.

17. Oxygen

18. Esophagus

19. Kidneys

20. Tuberculosis or cold or influenzaor lung cancer.

Give reason for:

1. It protects your body against germs, it wraps around and breaks down germs.also it releases chemicals that kill the germs.

2. It keeps the blood flowing in one direction, not to return back to the heart.

3. It makes sticky threads clumps at the cut which act as a plug to prevent bleeding.

4. Where the gas exchange takes place, as from the air sacs oxygen enters the blood stream ,,at the same time carbon dioxide goes from the blood into the air sacs. After this these gases switch places, the air moves out of the lungs.

5. To trap dirt and germs before entering the lungs and then to the body.

6. As they may cause lung cancer which is a rapid uncontrolled growth for the cells.

7. Because it is a disease concerning white blood cells, white blood cells are not formed correctly anymore and their number increases too quickly.

8. This happen when the red blood cells have a shape of a crescent moon, such cells cannot carry oxygen properly to the cells.

3-what would happen if:

1. Sickle cell anemia may occur, which makes the red blood cellsare not able to carry oxygen properly to the cells.

2. Urine will not be able to leave the body wastes & poisons will accumulate causing disorder then finally death also the kidney has an important role in putting the right amount of some material like water,salt,chemical that your body needs, and return it back to your body, keeping the body healthy.

3. No formation for important vitamins in your intestine..also these bacteria keep harmful bacteria away so your body will be subjected to diseases

4. The blood will not flow in one direction and blood will be returned back to the heart without reaching the cells properly, and so less oxygen will reach it.

5. Platelet will gather to form long sticky threads that make a plug to prevent bleeding.

6. The food may pass to the trachea, blocking the air path; no oxygen enters the body to reach the cellsfinally leading to death.

7. When you inhale your diaphragm contracts and moves down wards, when you exhale your diaphragm relax and moves upwards.

8. There will not be great surface area for absorption of the digested food so fewer nutrients will reach the cells.

9. Your brain will sense this sending message to the diaphragm and ribs telling them to breathe, and all organs work together to make sure that enough oxygen reaches the cells.

10. You will not be able to speak.

State (t) or (f) and correct:

· (T)

· (T)

· (F) red blood cells, white blood cells & platelets.

· (T)

· (T)

· (F) the trachea is the tube that carry air from the larynx to the lungs.

· (F(the villi is a finger like structure……..etc

· (T)

· (F) salts and water are taken from the wastes in the large intestine.

· (F) the digested food enters your blood stream after it passes through the small intestine.

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GRADE 5 Model Answer Chapter 3
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