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Mr. Mohamed Yacoub

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PostSubject: O.K take it   O.K take it I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2010 8:23 pm

Don't worry mimi, this is what you want.

4- What is the reward of whoever says “Subhan Allah wa behamdeh” a hundred times?Allah will forgive his/her sins even if they “the sins” were as much as the foam of the sea.

5- What does Taraaweeh means in Arabic?
It means “a pause for rest”.

B- Write True or False.

1-We start Taraaweeh with Witr. ( F )
2- Salaat-ut-Taraaweeh is performed at noon. ( F )
3- Salaat-ut-Taraaweeh is only for men. ( F )
4- Omar bin al-Khattab was the first to gather people behind
one imam in Taraaweeh. ( T )
5- Salaat-ut-Taraaweeh is a Sunnah. ( T )
6- Witr consists mainly of only one prayer. “Rak’ah” ( T )

B- How can one get a thousand good deeds every day?

By saying “Subhana Allah” one hundred times.

Chapter 8, Sawm
(p. 46-51)

Answer the following questions.

1- What are the three pillars of fasting?

a- An-Niyyah “ the intention”
b- Al- Imsaak “ abstaining”
c- Time.

2- Mention some Sunan (recommended acts that the prophet did) of fasting.

a- As-Sahoor and delaying it.
b- Hastening to break the fast.
c- Breaking the fast with dates, if not, then with water.
d- Doa’a.” invocation”

3- Mention some things that break the fast.
a- eating
b- drinking
c-deliberate vomiting
d- intending to break the fast

Fill in the blanks.

- Sawm means in Islam to abstain from eating, drinking and other things from dawn until sunset with the intention of getting closer to Allah.

- Fasting is a form of protection From Hellfire.
- In Ramadan, the gates of Heaven are opened and the gates of Hellfire are locked.

- In Paradise, there is a gate called Ar-Rayyan only for those who were fasting.
- The main reason behind fasting is to attain taqwaa “piety”.

- If someone attacks you while you are fasting, you should say “I am fasting. I am fasting”.

- Pregnant women and nursing mothers are allowed to delay their fast.

Write true (T) or false (F).
- The fast of Ramadan was made obligatory on Muslims in the second year of the Higrah. ( T )
- Fasting is compulsory for every Muslim sound or ill, young or old, man, child or woman. ( F )
- The permanently ill and the too old people are exempted from fasting, but they have to make up for the missed days. ( T )
- The terminally ill and the travelers are allowed to postpone fasting. ( T )
- The fasting person has only one joy. ( F )

Chapter 10, Zakah
(p. 61-66)

Answer the following questions.

1-What is the meaning of Zakah in Islam?
It is the amount required from Muslims, whose wealth reaches a certain nisaab, to pay to those who deserve it.

2- Mention some benefits of Zakah.
a- It purifies a person’s heart and wealth.
b- It takes a person away from selfishness.
c- It strengthens the social ties between all people.

3- Who are the eight categories that are entitled to receive Zakah?
a- The poor.
b- The needy.
c- The collectors of Zakah.
d- Those whose hearts are to be reconciled.
e- For freeing slaves.
f- The debtors.
g- In the way Allah.
i. The broke travelers.

1- The third pillar of Islam is “i”
2- Those who refuse the obligation of Zakah are “g”
3- 595 grams is the nisaab of “f”
4- 85 grams is the nisaab of “e”
5- “5” is the nisaab of “ d”
6- “40” is the nisaab of “ c”
7- “30” is the nisaab of “ b”
8- Zakah is obligatory only on “ a”
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