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 Grade 5 Midyear Revision-1)Reading- Model Answers

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ayman emara

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PostSubject: Grade 5 Midyear Revision-1)Reading- Model Answers   Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:33 pm


Read each question. Choose the correct answer.

1- Frindle

____ 1. Which of the following happened last?

c Mrs. Granger gave the class homework.

____ 2. Which is most likely the author’s purpose for writing this selection?

d to entertain readers with an amusing story

____ 3. What happened when Mrs. Granger saw students chewing gum?
a She made them wear a card with the gum on it.
____ 4. Nick asked Mrs. Granger a question because he

b hoped to keep her from giving homework.

____ 5. When the author wrote that Mrs. Granger’s smile was a little too sweet, he suggests that she

d knew what Nick was trying to do.

____ 6. How did Nick probably feel after Mrs. Granger gave him extra work?
a embarrassed

____ 7. How were Nick and Mrs. Granger alike?

c They both loved dictionaries.

____ 8. Which of the following is a valid generalization?

b Many of Nick’s teachers had been fooled by him.

____ 9. The climax of the story occurred when Nick

c asked Mrs. Granger about her big dictionary.

____ 10. What conclusion can you draw about Mrs. Granger?
a She expected students to work hard.

2- Thunder Rose

____ 11. Why did Rose lasso the outlaws?

d They tried to steal her cattle.

____ 12. Why did Rose catch hold of the clouds?

b The cattle needed water.
____ 13. Which of the following best describes Rose?

c resourceful

____ 14. Why was the lullaby that Rose’s parents sang so important?
a Rose used it to calm the dangerous storm.

____ 15. What happened after Rose took the outlaws to the sheriff?

d She decided to do something about the lack of rain.

____ 16. In this selection, the author’s main purpose is to

c entertain readers with a tall tale.

____ 17. Which of the following best states a theme of this story?

d People can solve problems by looking within their hearts.

____ 18. In the story, Rose asked, “Is this the fork in the road with which I have my final supper?” What does this mean?
a She wonders if the challenge she is facing will destroy her.

____ 19. How were Rose and her pa alike?

b They both took care of the cattle.

____ 20. Why is the setting of the Old West important to the story?

d Since it was rough country, the Old West offered challenges to Rose.

3- Island of the Blue Dolphins

____ 21. Why are the wild dogs important to the story?

b They killed Karana’s brother, leaving Karana alone on the island.

____ 22. Why did Karana decide that she would kill the wild dogs?

b She knew they would attack her.
____ 23. How would you compare the two building sites that Karana considered?

c Both had sources of fresh water.

____ 24. Which best describes Karana?

d determined

____ 25. Why did Karana not build in the west?

c The sea elephants were too noisy.

____ 26. How did the story’s setting affect Karana’s life?
a Fresh water, food, and plants were present.

____ 27. What is a theme of the story?

b Problems are solved by hard work and attention to details.

____ 28. Which did Karana do first?

c looked for a place to build a house

____ 29. What is the most likely reason the author wrote the selection?
a to entertain readers with an interesting story

____ 30. Which sentence states a generalization that is valid?

b Karana knew how to take care of most of her problems.

4- Satchel Paige
____ 31. What did Satchel do when he released the ball?

d grinned

____ 32. When the crowds cheered, Satchel felt
a very confident.

____ 33. What would Satchel do after the bases were loaded?
a tell the outfielders to sit down

____ 34. How did the Negro Leagues differ from the white major-league ball clubs?

c The Negro Leagues had longer playing seasons.

____ 45. Which of the following statements is an opinion?
a “There was an odd way about his pitching.”

____ 36. How were Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson alike?

b They were both powerful and confident.

____ 37. According to the selection, which sentence states a generalization that is true?

d Most of the players in the Negro league had a true love for the game.

____ 38. The story ends with Satchel saying that nobody can hit his fastball. That sentence means that

b Satchel had a special talent.

____ 39. What is the most likely reason the author wrote the selection?

b to inform readers about a person’s life

____ 40. The title of the story is Satchel Paige. Which of these would be another good name for the story?

c A Remarkable Athlete

5- Shutting out the Sky

____ 41. What did Marcus’s mother give him?

b advice

____ 42. Why was the address Marcus had in his pocket so important?

c It was where people lived who could help him.

____ 43. How was Marcus like the other immigrants?

c He was starting off with nothing.

____ 44. What happened right after all the boarders left Mrs. Segal’s apartment?
a Mrs. Segal cleaned the kitchen floor.

____ 45. Why was Marcus ashamed of being a peddler?

b He expected to have a more important job.

____ 46. Why had Marcus probably not seen a banana before?

d They were not imported into Romania.

____ 47. The story says that a man “took Marcus under his wing.” What does this mean?

b The man helped Marcus by sharing his own experiences.

____ 48. What happened after Marcus sold his candy?
a He ate at a Romanian restaurant.

____ 49. Which generalization based on the selection is most likely valid?

d Most new immigrants had to struggle to get by.

____ 50. The last sentence of the story is “Marcus was on his way.” That sentence means Marcus was

c going to be successful.
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Grade 5 Midyear Revision-1)Reading- Model Answers
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