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 GR 5 Model answer chapter 4 PLANTS

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PostSubject: GR 5 Model answer chapter 4 PLANTS   Sat Feb 06, 2010 5:34 am

Grade 5 J

Chapter 4J


Page 12J

1-complete the following:

1. DNA, environment.

2. Chemical, growth.

3. Tropism.

4. Male, female.

5. Pollen

6. One

7. Cuticle

8. Xylem

9. Xylem

10. Tap,fibrous.

11. Traits

12. Monocot.

13. Roots

14. Night.

15. To let air in (aeration).

16. Chloroplast.

2-What is the function of:

1. Hold the flowers and leaves high enough not to be sheded,also protect some plants such as the cactus stem.

2. It protect the phloem behind it.

3. Where pollen grains are made at the top of the stamen.

4. It protect the seed and also it guard food called the endosperm.

5. It is the colorful part of the plant so it attracts the insects so as to do pollination.

6. It affects the growth of plant.

7. It transport food which is made by the leaves to all the plant parts (stem,roots..)

Page 13

3-Give reason for the following:

1. Because not all the plants are vascular plants ,there are non-vascular plants which have no tubes(xylum & phloem) like mosses.

2. Because of the pull of the gravity.

3. By eating them & then pass the seeds through their digestive systems to other places to germinate.

4. To trap sunlight needed for the photosynthesis process to make food

5. In vascular plants,this is Due to the presence of the phloem tissue that transport the food which are made in the leaves to the roots through the phloem, while in the non-vascular plants the food and nutrients are moving from cell to cell till it reach the roots.

6. Help protect the plant.


1. Plants that contains tubes which are the phloem and the xylem tissue that move across the plant to transport water,food to all plant parts.

2. It is the moving of the pollen from the stamen (the male organ) to the eggs which is found at the bottom of the pistil to fertilize it.

3. Is the joining of the sperm cell (male sex cell) with the egg cell ( female sex cell) to form new organism.

4. Is the flower that have both stamen (male organ ) & the pistil ( the female organ ) together in the same flower.

5. Is the tissue that is found at the top of the pistil which is the female part of the flower
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GR 5 Model answer chapter 4 PLANTS
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