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 Module answer for the revision sheets

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PostSubject: Module answer for the revision sheets   Thu Feb 11, 2010 3:18 am

A)Answer the following:
1-What is Tawheed?
Tawheed means Allah alone is the creator

2-What is shirk?
To associate anything with Allah

3-Name some attribute of Allah?
The Lord –The one – The sustainer and the Creator

4-Name some Prophets?
Isa – Musa – Ibraheem – Dawood – Ismail and Muhammed

5-What is Risaalah?
It is s an Arabic word which means message

6-Name four Books Allah revealed to some of His Messengers?
Injeel – Tawrah –Zaboor – Suhuf and the Holy Quran

7-Who was the seal of the Prophet?
Prophet Muhammed صلى الله عليه و سلم

8-Who was the first Prophet?
Adam عليه السلام

9-Why has Allah created life and death?
To test which of us is best indeed

10-What is the punishment for those who disobeyed Allah?
The Hellfire

11-Who will be rewarded on the Day of Judgement?
The good Muslims

12-Mention four things that Allah swears in Surat Alteen?
The fig, the olive, The Mount, Sinai and the Safe land

13-What does the ‘Safe Lord’s in Surah mean?
It means Makkah

14-Where was Suratul Adiyat revealed?
In Makkah

15-Who was Utbah?
Utbah was one of the leader in Makkah

16-What was the effect of Surat Fussilat on Utbah?
Utbah prostrated himself to Allah

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Module answer for the revision sheets
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