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PostSubject: Answer Modules   Answer Modules I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 07, 2010 3:34 pm

A)Answer the following.
1-What is Twaheed?
Tawheed is to worship Allah alone

2-Why should we seek Allah’s help?
We should seek his help because he alone is our Protector

3-From where does Allah provide food and drink?
From the heaven and the earth

4-What happens if we are thankful of Allah?
He will increase his blessings for us

5-Mention some names of suratul-Fatihah ?
Al-Hamd –Umm alkitaab – as-Salah – al –kaafiyah- al-Waaqiyah

6-What was the first revelation to the prophet?
Surah al-Alaq

7-Who was the Angel of Revelation?
Angel Jibreel

8-Why did Allah send prophets to mankind?
To guide them

9-How was the Quran revealed?
The Holy Quran revealed in 23 years

10-What is Zakah?
Zakah is purifying dues.The third pillar of Islam

11-What is Nissab?
Is the amount or limit on which Zakah becomes payable

12-Mention some of the items on which Zakah is paid?
Money, gold, silver, camels, goats, and cows

13-Who should receive Zakah?
The poor, the needy who collects Zakah, those in debt and in the way of Allah

14-Who are the recording angels ?
The Noble Angels who record the good or bad dead

15-Who was the first man?
عليه السلام Adam
16-What is the Arabic name for life after death?

17-Whom will Allah reward?
The good Muslims

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